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  • Originally Posted by tommygun Not really a did not board, actually a denied boarding of pax who wanted to board. Why does the latter not preserve the remaining sectors? Because if the first sector of the ticket is cancelled (as it was by the airline in this instance), so are all remaining sectors...

  • Alan Joyce sale of Qantas shares

    Sep 29, 2023, 04:13 PM

    Originally Posted by annarob Here's a question for our financial and legal minds: Given the s***storm Qantas has found itself in over the last few weeks and the slump in share prices, could AJ's disposal of shares earlier this year at their peak, be considered an act of insider trading? I find it...

  • Arrivals lounge and showers Heathrow?

    Aug 23, 2023, 05:18 PM

    Originally Posted by MKS11 Hi John. My flight was last week. Didn't end up finding any solution so just used the showers at SIN in the way and "survived" with an onboard cleanup and PJs during the flight!!!Plaza Ps arrivals have been closed since COVID in all terminals so I'm wondering if they'll...

  • You can use your passes at the Qantas domestic lounge at PER. It's in the same building as the QF international flights. You'd just have to time your exit from the lounge to give you sufficient time to get through immigration and security.

  • Arrivals lounge and showers Heathrow?

    Aug 14, 2023, 09:59 AM

    When is your flight? I'm hoping that at least one of the Plaza Premium Arrivals lounges will be open by December, when I'm due to travel. Short of the ridiculous price that Aerotel wants to charge, the other possibility is that the Leonardo Hotel on Bath Rd allows day room arrivals from 7am, at a...

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