Bose Quietcomfort 30 Bluetooth Adapter

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Has anyone found a good bluetooth adapter that works well with the wireless Bose Quietcomfort 30 without any noticable lag? Could be a good stocking filler this xmas.


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I have been looking at the TaoTronics range on Amazon and elsewhere but not taken the plunge yet so can’t comment on quality.

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I have been using the "Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter and Receiver All in One Wireless aptX Low Latency" from Amazon (by SWAMP industries) - I'm sure you can get a cheaper "made in the same factory" version.

I'm no expert regarding what to expect when it comes to lag/latency in bluetooth transmitters, but it would seem like (with where technology is at the moment) there will 'always' be lag when it comes to bluetooth for this type of add-on portable device.

I selected this device because:
- Physical size & weight (it fits in the QC30 case easily)
- aptX quality of audio compression (perhaps not as relevant on airplanes)
- Battery life

When comparing the lag from this device, with in-built bluetooth on a phone/laptop, yes, there is a lag (tested by turning the bluetooth off on said devices) - I'm pretty sure the bluetooth technology on a laptop/phone is far superior, so you would be using this instead!

When comparing the lag from live action (eg. hearing someone talk, compared with the sound from a microphone, there is a greater lag from what you can hear from their voice, compared to the headphones) - I think this is to be expected as the sound needs to travel through the microphone, to your device, then transmitted through the bluetooth transmitter, then to the Bose receiver.

When used on airplanes to use their IFE, yes there is a slight lag for video, but I wasn't overly distracted by this. I was more pleased with not needing to switch between wired and wireless headphones when using IFE/Laptop/Phone. The range was also pretty good when walking around the cabin.

Hope that helps.

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