• Just to follow up on this. On the Velocity website, it says, if there are any errors, please allow 14 days before you communicate it with them. It was around 10 days after the completion of travel that I can see adjusted status credits being added. Well done Velocity.

  • "...a Virgin Australia spokesperson has confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that flights booked before March 13 2018 will earn points and status credits at the previous rates."Just returned from a trip that was booked before the change. It seems that I have been given status credits at t...

  • I'm pretty sure at the smartgates, there is a symbol that suggests you are not allowed to wear glasses when you pass through. Let alone having glasses on a passport photo in the first place?!

  • The separate bus service is what I experienced on EgyptAir business flights. (Luggage on the other hand.....)

  • And more importantly, how many points can you earn?

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  • I was there recently for a few hours due to a flight delay. There was little difference in the noises of the regular terminal as the walls are 2.5m (approx) partitions. It also just so happened that around 30+ officials from "MyLounge" had come from the UK to check it out, so it was awkward sitti...

  • Sounds like a terrible inconvenience! Were you able to engage any travel insurance benefits to compensate? (Although I also believe that $100 does not compensate for what you went through)

  • I have been using the "Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter and Receiver All in One Wireless aptX Low Latency" from Amazon (by SWAMP industries) - I'm sure you can get a cheaper "made in the same factory" version.I'm no expert regarding what to expect when it comes to lag/latency in bluetooth transmitters, ...

  • Experience with fly-ahead

    Nov 11, 2018, 03:00 PM

    Are you a solo traveler? I have been offered to fly ahead (MEL - SYD) as a SILVER in the past.

  • Bose quiet control 30 headphones

    Oct 27, 2018, 10:29 PM

    I would agree with djtech, although I ended up going with the QC30. I was concerned that wearing glasses may affect the quality of the noise cancelling. Also, they are physically smaller, and I already have way too much stuff on my carry on (both weight and space)I always sleep with them on fligh...

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