Flying QF11 in April in Business.

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Flying QF11 in April in Business. What can I expect?


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Flyig business is great. Go to the business lounge in SYD.   Service is very similar to trans-continental services, with more food options and more premium drinks. Express meal options are available.  There is a mattress and duvet service if you wish to sleep.  There is a lounge at the front of the cabin and a self serve snack bar as well, just don't go down the stairs. The beds are fully flat, making sleeping easier.  The in-flight entertainment is good, but not available during take off and landing.  Try to get into the forward cabin as this more quieter.


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Great advice from driley28, thanks for sharing that, mate! Not much to add except that on the ground at Sydney you'll have access to the Qantas Business Lounge (unless you're Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum or an equivalent 'Emerald' freq flyer class with other oneworld airline, in which case you get into the Qantas First Lounge). Very good meals for a 'business' lounge, leave room for their home-made (well, 'lounge-made') gelato and try the hot chocolate if you've a sweet tooth.

Also, as nice as the inflight meals and drinks and movies are, don't get so caught-up in those that you forget to hit the hay until it's too late and end up with just a few hours' sleep before they wake you for breakfast! I generally allow for 'dinner' and a movie (if you're still a bit full from the lounge, ask to have your meal served later, either as the last person in the cabin during the main service or opt for something lighter a bit later on), then some reading, then I pop a sleeping tablet and try for six hour's sleep, then do some more reading over breakfast and by then you're soon to land. If you don't have a bit of discipline with this, you catch yourself short of sleep and end up like a zombie at LAX!

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