Difficulty booking return flight with Qantas...

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Hi all,

I'm trying to book the following flights as a flexible economy return through Qantas. This is unable to be booked online through their site even as a multi-city booking. I have spoken to an agent however they say there is no accurate fare basis (I don't actually understand too much about fare basis) that allows them to book without it costing approx $12000 (double checked), therefore I'll have to make separate one way bookings.

These are the flights:


5/5 QF 617: 11:10 - 13:35

5/5 QF 9: 15:15 - 05:05 (6/5)

BEIRUT - DXB - BNE (codeshare with Emirates)

17/5 - QF 8954: 19:40 - 00:35 (18/5)

18/5 - QF 8434: 10:35 - 06:25 (19/5)

Looking at both of these flights separately as return flights using Qantas online, the Brisbane to London leg should be about $1430 and Beirut to Brisbane is $1462.

However booking as one way segments, Brisbane to London is $1820 and Beirut to Brisbane is $4400 (confirmed this with Qantas agent).

This is obviously significantly more costly.

Does anyone have any ideas how to go about this, or is it impossible?



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If it cannot be booked online, you can call QF call centre to book and ask them to waive the service fee, as the itinerary can't be done online.


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I couldn't book SYD-DXB-BEY returning IST-DXB-SYD through the QF website last year so called the call centre - the agent happily booked it for me waiving the service fee. I assumed either or both of the BEY or IST legs were causing it as if I tried to book dropping one of these legs it worked fine. Slightly different to yours as mine wouldn't even return a price, but hopefully as jianga says they'll waive the fee.

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