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I'm looking at travelling to the United States with Virgin America (VX) and I'm wondering what their fare classes (Main Cabin, Main Cabin Select and First Class) compare to Velocity.

Is Virgin America's Y class the same as our Y class in terms of status credits and points?

Or are Virgin America's flights 'discount economy' in Virgin Australia's Velocity's eyes?


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Virgin Australia states on its Velocity website, VX First Class (fare classes D, C & J earn 1.5 Velocity points per mile.  Main Cabin Select O & W earn 1 Velocity point per mile, as do Main Cabin Select instant Upgrade classes Z & Q.  Main Cabin refundable ( fare class Y) earn 1 point per mile and Main Cabin fare's NSLIMUEHV & B are all 0.5 point per mile.

VX to VA Status Credit Earns are:

Discount Economy classes are: NSLIMUEHBV, Full Fare Economy YZQOW, Business/First CDJ


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To add to that, points are earned at whatever fare class is on your boarding pass; paid upgrades at check-in and the gate will upgrade your fare class.

Cheap way to get quadruple status credits :)

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