Has anyone heard/used the 'bestinthesky' discount ticket service?

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Has anyone heard/used a business discounted ticket service called bestinthesky.com? Can anyone tell me about them?


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It would seem that those sort of businesses buy FF points then use those to sell you the cheap tickets. Some people have had their tickets cancelled at checkin after the airline discovered the improper use of their FF program's T&Cs. And the seller is most probably not a licensed travel agent either - so you would have issues with travel insurance if you tried to claim the cancelled ticket. Remember - if it's too good to be true, it is. If you must have cheap J try optiontown or one of the new Chinese airlines :)


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Sister & BIL booked return Business/First Class flights from Sydney to London with bestinthesky.com with Thai Airways and Eva Air.  2 days prior to travel everything was fine and flights were showing as CONFIRMED on Thai Airways website - turn up at airport to check in today and flights have been SUSPENDED - no communication; no reason; no flights and bestinthesky.com are not answering telephones!

AVOID bestinthesky.com AT ALL COSTS


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My wife and I have used this outfit quite a bit, without any cancelled tickets or other untoward incidents. The problems we've had have been poor communication from them, sloppy record keeping, and so on. Recently I found out just before leaving a hotel for the airport, when I phone bestinthesky to get a PNR that they had re-booked me a few days later, to travel at the same time as my wife, despite us having said earlier that was not required. 

In your case what subsequently happened? Did they have to pay for new flights themselves? When you eventually spoke to bestinthesky what was the outcome? Were the tickets charged back on the credit card? 

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