Access to Skyteam lounge and Miles Earning rule

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Hello again :)
I am Velocity Gold traveling with Delta from JFK-ICN-DPS. I credit the miles to my Velocity Gold obviously. My ticket only says Sky Priority (no Plus), although Delta did confirm on the phone that I would get the Gold Medallion benefit (i.e. lounge and xtra bagage). Although ticketed by Delta, the ICN-DPS leg is operated by GA. My questions are:
1. Will I get access to any Skyteam lounge in ICN?
2. How is the miles/points earned on the ICN-DPS leg? Will it follow Delta’s rule or GA’s?
Thank you!


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You are a Velocity member, so Velocity rules apply. Take a look at the page on Velocity website describing the rules of the partnership with Delta.

Lounge access and miles/point earning benefits of Delta/Virgin partnership are limited to

* flights with VA flight code operated by Delta or Delta Connection,
* flights with DL flight code that are operated by Delta, Delta Connection or Virgin Australia.

Neither of these apply to your flight from ICN to DPS.
A flight with a GA flight number or a DL flight number operated by GA will
* earn zero Velocity points and zero status credits,
* not allow for lounge access at the departure point (ICN) based on Velocity status

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If your Garuda flight is booked under a GA flight number, you may wish to consider crediting those miles to Etihad Guest (as Garuda and Etihad are partners), as those Etihad miles can then be spent on Virgin Australia flight bookings at very reasonable rates, and topped up from transfer programs such as AMEX Membership Rewards.

Alternatively, if it's booked as a DL codeshare, you may instead be best crediting that flight to Delta Skymiles, or to another SkyTeam frequent flyer program, depending on your loyalty preferences and goals.


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Thank you Dimi and ChrisCh for the info. Its really an eye opener for me! Never thought that the GA flight won’t get any Velocity status credit or points as it was all marketed and ticketed by Delta. I counted on that SC earned to retain my Velocity Gold status :( now i will be 90 SC short.

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