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Hi all, just after some advice on the ability to redeem award flights on Hawaiian airlines using velocity. There seems to be some conflicting info given by the Virgin website and the Hawaiian air website.

The Virgin website says points can be earned and redeemed on HA flights between AU and HNL (and other hawaiian islands). On the Hawaiian air website however, it says Velocity points can be redeemed on ALL Hawaiian flights ( I am interested in redeeming for a HA flight to HNL, but not from AU, can anyone advise if this is possible with velocity points? (Awards seats are available according to the AA website).


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You will need to call VA to search and book award seats. AA availability means that's what is available when booking using AAdvantage Miles.

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You can redeem Velocity Points on any Hawaiian flight with availability, but as above, it can only be done over the phone.

Note that all premium class bookings use the 'business class' rates in the applicable Velocity table - so even though Hawaiian Airlines sometimes brands its better-than-economy section as 'first class', the business class rates apply to those points bookings. (Naturally, economy is economy, and if you want 'Economy Comfort', book economy and pay the seat selection fee to upgrade via the Hawaiian website.)

You can also combine more than one Hawaiian flight onto a single Velocity points booking and if it's a connection, it calculates as a single journey (as happens with all other partners). For example, Auckland-Honolulu-Maui is 65,000 Velocity points in business/first, the same as Auckland-Honolulu only. Ditto, Sydney-Honolulu-Maui is 78,000 Velocity points, the same as Sydney-Honolulu.

Brisbane-Honolulu is the tricky one as it's right on the edge of the Velocity 'zone', so flying only Brisbane-Honolulu costs 65,000 Velocity points, but if you tag on an inter-island flight from Honolulu, it nudges up to the next band, at 78,000 Velocity points overall.

There are no 'carrier charges' on these bookings so the amount to pay in cash is quite low: circa $100 for Australia to Hawaii given the government taxes and airport fees, etc. Velocity will also give you your separate Hawaiian Airlines booking reference, which you can use on the Hawaiian website to pre-assign seats etc.

Note that Velocity Gold/Platinum provides no lounge access when flying Hawaiian (except in Sydney and Honolulu when booked on a VA codeshare flight), but that unlike most US carriers, Hawaiian Airlines' domestic 'first class' does include complimentary lounge access, even when taken as a domestic-only flight.

That should get you started!

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Thanks @ChrisCh, thats what I thought. Strangely, when I called Velocity to book, they searched and told me there is no availability on the NRT - HNL route on 14 Apr 2020 (or any day for that fact - unless its with DL), both the AA website and the HA website shows HA822 available for 65000mi + $76 AUD taxes in J.

Does this mean Velocity can only be used for flights between Aus and Hawaii? This is what the VA website implies, but the HA website says ALL HA flights.

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