Alaskan Airlines booking reference with Air New Zealand Flight number but Fiji Airways metal

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HI all,

1) I am new to flying business class and collecting frequent flyer points;

2) I accrue points to the Qantas Frequent flyer program (Bronze) and travel between SYD and asia for leisure, but will increase my trips to north America and Europe in the future;

3) I booked a business class flight from NAN to LAX with an Alaskan Airlines booking reference number with an Air New Zealand Flight number but flying on Fiji Airways metal (I didn't even know this was possible);

4) I did some research and discovered although Alaskan Airlines is a partner airline of Qantas, I will not receive any points for this booking, see:

"Qantas Points are earned on all eligible booking classes, except Alaska Airlines codeshare flights operated by an airline other than Qantas"


5) I logged in the Alaskan Airlines website but could not pre-book my seat for the flight.


a) just wondering if any experienced members could kindly confirm my understanding of point 3) above is correct;

b) if it would be better to accrue points to the Alaskan Airline frequent flyer program or the Air New Zealand program; and

c) do I need to contact Fiji Airways for my ticket number to pre book my seat?

Thanking you for your time and wisdom in advance. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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a) If you have booked via Alaska Airlines, their system will give you a booking reference for their booking. The NZ flight will have it's own reference as part of this booking. It will not be the same as AS as they use different reservation systems.

b) You would have to check the T&C's on AS to see if you accrue points on an NZ flight operated by FJ. You should get points for Airpoints as it's an NZ flight number

c) As the flight is codeshare, NZ probably won't be able to allocate a seat. You can speak to NZ and see if there is an FJ booking reference. FJ may be able to allocate a seat but as codeshare, they may not.

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