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Will be flying into LAX on Air NZ Business Class in June, connecting to Alaska Airlines First Class.

Given the Alaska lounge doesn't have showers,any suggestions please of where I could get a shower in transit?


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There are no showers at the following lounges at LAX: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, Alaska Lounge, American Airlines Admirals Club (reginal terminal), Delta Lounge (Terminal 3), Los Angeles International Lounge (TBIT), United Club Lounge, Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse.

There are a few options:

1) The following lounges have showers: American Airlines Admirals Club in Terminal 4/5 (Day pass available, Qantas Club members and more); Delta Airlines Sky Club Lounge in Terminal 2 (day pass available or AMEX); Emirates Lounge @ TBIT (around USD$130 plus tax, limited hours); Etihad Airways Lounge (around USD$100 plus tax, limited hours); Korean/KAL Lounge @ TBIT (Priority pass *restricted at busy times); Oneworld/Qantas Lounge @ TBIT (around $100 plus tax); United Polaris Lounge in Terminal 7(Business class travellers only on long hall travel)

2) Go to a nearby public beach, most have a free outdoor shower plus can have a swim in the ocean get some fresh air and exercise. Some options include: El Porto Beach (15 Min away), Playa del Rey Beach (18 Min away), Venice Beach (20 Min away), and Manhattan Beach (20 Min away). Take a Lyft, Uber or Taxi there (remember to tip the driver including in Lyft/Uber and bring a towel).

3) Look online for a gym or pool near LAX and get a 24 hour pass. Bonus you can enjoy the gym before your shower (most likely around US$10 to US$20 for a 24 hour pass). Some even offer the first visit for free online. Some include: YMCA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness, LA Fitness, Orange fitness plus various independent gyms near LAX including various CrossFit, boxing, muay thai gyms etc. If you go to a Gym in Australia that has a location outside your home city most will let you use the gym there for free. Take a Lyft, Uber or Taxi there (remember to tip the driver including in Lyft/Uber and bring a towel).

4) Book a hotel room near LAX (probably around US$100 for basic room), most will have free transport to and from hotel but you may need to call them on arrival.

5) Final option: Private Suite at LAX offer showers, private lounge, VIP transfers and a luxury experience at the airport (cost around a thousand dollars)

Also on an unrelated note at LAX there is an In-n-Out (Very American burger chain) within walking distance from the airport if you want one last taste of America before you leave.

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