Covid-19 - JetBlue guarantees you won't sit next to a stranger

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Per JetBlue Corporate Communications Media Centre (on 20 May 2020)

Through July 6, 2020, JetBlue is promising that you won't sit next to a stranger on a flight. With this seat distancing policy:

Ø Middle seats will be blocked on all Airbus A320 & A321 aircraft (where the configuration is 3-3)

Ø Aisle seats will be blocked on all Embraer 190 aircraft (where the configuration is 2-2)

Ø Passengers traveling together will be allowed to sit together in seats that would otherwise be blocked

Initiatives to keep crew safe:

1. Conducting temperature checks for pilots and flight attendants as of the first week of June

2. Providing paid sick leave and additional time off programs so employees do not come to work sick

3. Following company-wide protocols for reporting cases of the coronavirus, notifications and return to work clearance

4. Providing disinfectant kits for pilot use on the flight deck

5. Requiring face coverings for all employees while boarding, in flight, and when physical distancing cannot be maintained

Furthermore, JetBlue is implementing the following policies to ensure social distancing:

1. Requiring face coverings for all customers during check-in, boarding, and inflight

2. Blocking middle seats on larger aircraft and aisle seats on smaller aircraft for those not traveling together

3. Providing the most space between each row of seats in economy of any US airline and spacious seating on all aircraft

4. Providing touchless check-in and boarding experiences using the JetBlue mobile app and self-boarding gates for many flights

5. Implementing a back-to-front boarding process for most passengers to minimize passing in the aisle

6. Adjusting on board service including pre-sealed snack and beverage bags in economy, and pre-packaged fresh meals in Mint

7. Using personal devices as remotes for seatback screens on select planes

Travel flexibility:

JetBlue was the first carrier in the United States to adjust policies allowing customers to choose to travel when they are comfortable:

1. Waiving change and cancel fees for tickets purchased by May 31 to give customers confidence when booking

2. Extending Travel Bank credit expirations to a 24-month period for credits issued between Feb. 27 and May 31

3. Providing 24/7 support and award-winning customer service

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