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Hello, I'm looking to book a Korean Air flight to Paris return in a few months and I'll be needing to take an extra bag with me. The Korean Air website is hopelessly hard to navigate and understand correctly. If I understood the website correctly, I will have to pay a USD 200 fee? Can you help me interpret the info? I'm happy to pay it, not a problem there but the site is quite difficult.

Here is the website for some more cluey people to read: http://www.koreanair.com/local/na/gd/eng/aa/bt/eng_bg_0102.jsp


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My interpretation of it is that you'll need to pay $200 for each additional bag in each direction, assuming that the additional bag is below the allowed weight for your fare (23kg for Economy, 32kg for Prestige/First) and within the standard dimensions (a sum total of 158cm).

However, it may well be double as it lists $200 between Seoul and Paris, and $200 between Seoul and Australia.

It's probably easiest to confirm this directly with their sales office. The number of their Sydney one is +61-2-9262-6000 (according to their website).


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Dear alatar144,

Peter is right to suggest calling Korean Air. Their call centre is manned in India but, from my experience, one of the best there is. Waiting times are not too long and they actually do listen to you and address questions specifically, instead of regurgitating standard answers and prefacing each response with silly remarks like "I'll go ahead and do this for you" or "Most certainly happy to assist". Give them a try!

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