Marco Polo Status?

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Still stuck in OZ since Jan 2020 so no chance to travel OS. Following the initial COVID issues CX Previously automatically topped up milage credit to assist with status retention and / or sent a nice letter our saying how much they appreciated us and retained the level last held. However, i noticed in recent times this appears to have stopped. Question is will CX continue to match previous status this year as the did last year ? Or will we all get back to basic? Would be a shame after 20+ years of elite status for CX to "dump" us!


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Hi arrigoa2: at this stage, I can so no reason why Cathay Pacific wouldn't make good on some MPC status extension, either at the tail end of this year or early next year (bearing in mind that this year's status extension was announced in January). I've no 'inside knowledge' of course, but I'd not worry if I were you.

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