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Hi all, I am travelling on Etihad in J departing at 5pm. The Etihad website says that i can access the House lounge however that doesn't open until 6pm. Anyone know if there is another lounge to access? No point in getting to the airport too early without a lounge to hang in. Also what is everyones experience travelling international out of Sydney. Is it taking allot more time to get through immigration etc? I assume you need to give it 3 hours to be safe.


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Hey LoveToFly, doesn't Etihad's Sydney flight leave at 21.25?

It's not taking very long to get through Sydney Intl at the moment, I managed to do it in 15 mins last week. Make sure you complete the 'Verified to Fly' on the Etihad website and you'll sail through. I'd still get there three hours early, though.


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It’s only 15-20 minutes to get through the whole process. Make sure all your paperwork is in order, and there will be no need to allocate more than than normal time for business class travel.

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