Current double points promo with double status credits from Flight Pass?

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Hi all,

I have a few TravelPasses from Qantas due to flight cancellations; each with added benefit of double status credits when using them.

Can I combine this with the current promotion - choosing double points there and use my flight credit and then get both, double status and double points for the same booking?

Thanks all in advance.


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Hi Hellboy666,

Too late to answer your question before the latest offer closed, but I would think not re: the double double. But I have a question for you...

Are your flight credits with the Double Status Credits (hereafter DSC's) due to you booking them during a regular promotion campaign and the conditions are still current*** for the DSC deal, or were you offered a retention offer around the time when everyone was requesting refunds?

Mine are due to a personal offer. They offered me DSC's or ??% fare discounts or some amount of FF points. Sorry the offer was made via phone and I obviously selected DSC's so don't remember the exact details of the other two offers. My Flight Credits from earlier in the year were rolled over to TravelPasses after the phone call.

So, I have three such 'Qantas TravelPass opt-in confirmation for booking reference XXXXXX' emails from Qantas from November 2020. I noticed that after using one of my Travel Passes under this offer in February this year, that the DSC's did not accrue. I have contacted Qantas and they seem to have no record of this offer in my file. I have sent them screenshots (their request) attached to one of the emails and they are investigating. I expect a long wait.

I was wondering if there was anyone else with the same emails, and if they have successfully received their DSC's automatically, or after an enquiry.

*** Just a heads up: One of my TravelPasses was converted from a booking during a regular DSC campaign. While that TravelPass credit was good until Dec 2022, that DSC's attached were only valid until the end date for travelling of the original DSC offer - in my case Feb 28 2022. (Boofhead that I am, I used the wrong TravelPass for a Feb trip to Melbourne and so didn't use that pass within time.)

Given the lack of flying and so lack of DSC or FF points offers until now, you might want to check the conditions of your Travel Pass/Qantas Passes in case the DSC period has lapsed. For your sake, I hope they are still good!


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Apologies didnt check anymore for replies.

No the DSC weren't from a regular promotion, was from a flight cancellation on Qantas side where you then had the option to choose double points, DSC or 10% added value if you don't ask them to refund. Could be that you refer to the same with your "personal offer"? Valid until the expiry (12 months).

They have sent me a specific eMail confirmation that my TravelPass have the attached DSC condition. I haven't used them yet, but with this they should have a record, or if not need to give in that this benefit is attached.

But good to know, that it might be yet another dodgy thing from them ...

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