Project Sunrise

Qantas pushes non-stop London, New York flights back to 2026

The 18-20 hour Project Sunrise flights will now take wing around six months later than originally...

First look: Qantas A350 premium economy

More legroom leads the ‘sweet spot’ play for Qantas’ non-stop flights to London and New York.

Qantas A350s will have electric ‘blackout windows’

The ‘e-glass’ technology will let you – or the cabin crew – dim the plane’s windows at the touch ...

What to expect from Qantas’ unique A350 Wellbeing Zone

Stand, stretch and briefly socialise in this dedicated space on the Qantas A350.

Up close with Qantas’ luxurious new A350 first class suites

Join Executive Traveller as we take a detailed look at the next generation of Qantas first class.

Up close with Qantas’ all-new A350 business class

Join Executive Traveller as we take a detailed look at Qantas’ next-gen business class.

Qantas eyes non-stop flights to Chicago and Miami

More 18-20 hour ‘Project Sunrise’ flights are on the horizon.

Qantas plans four flights a day to London

The Kangaroo Route is going to get even busier in the years to come…

Neil Perry on pasta, Aussie produce and Project Sunrise

Perry serves up a slice of Italy on Qantas’ new flights to Rome.

Qantas to upgrade Perth-London to A350

First class travel is coming to the non-stop Kangaroo Route thanks to Qantas’ new globe-striding ...

Qantas eyes 2024 start for non-stop flights to London, NY

In a little over three years globe-striding Airbus A350-1000 jets could be settling into their ne...

Airbus hopes to “hit the defrost button” on Qantas A350s

The ultra-long range A350-1000s are the key to Qantas' non-stop flights to New York, London and P...

Could Qantas’ Project Sunrise flights be Sydney-only?

Qantas says the first Project Sunrise flights will be from Sydney, but it may be years before Mel...

Qantas to carbon-offset non-stop flights to London, New York

The ambitious Project Sunrise flights will be 100% carbon-offset, Qantas pledges.

Qantas eyes 2024 restart for Project Sunrise

Is there a new dawn on the horizon for Project Sunrise?

What's next for Qantas first class?

The Qantas A380s are back, along with their decade-old first class suites, but where does the Fly...

Qantas will revisit non-stop Project Sunrise at end of 2021

Non-stop flights to London, Paris and New York will have ever stronger appeal in the post-pandemi...

Qantas CEO: rapid COVID tests could restart overseas travel

Passport, boarding pass, the all-clear from a 'super-fast' COVID test and you'd be all set to fly...