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What will chef Neil Perry's retirement mean for Qantas?

Is the famous 'pav in a glass' about to become just a memory of the Qantas first class dining exp...

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The complete guide to Star Alliance

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How Qantas will hibernate its A380s for the next three years

There's more to putting a superjumbo to sleep than merely shutting down the computer, and turning...

Qantas set to open more airport lounges

More Qantas lounges will open over the coming weeks and months.

NSW-Victoria border closure to hit Qantas, Virgin flights

The borders between NSW and Victoria will be shut from 11.59pm on Tuesday July 7.

Qantas Boeing 747 farewell 'Jumbo Joy Flights'

Get ready to make your fond farewell to the Qantas Boeing 747, because these scenic joyflights wi...

Review: visiting Qantas lounges in the coronavirus era

Executive Traveller visits the newly-reopened Sydney Domestic Business Lounge to see what’s diffe...

Qantas brings back inflight WiFi

You can once again stay connected above the clouds.

Qantas reopens domestic airport lounges

Selected Qantas business and regional lounges will fling open their doors from July 1.

Alan Joyce buckles in for a second Qantas turnaround

The Qantas CEO's last program turned airline losses into record profits, but how much of this new...

Qantas to suspend most overseas flights until mid-2021

International travel looks to be largely off the agenda for most Australians.

Alan Joyce hasn't given up on Qantas Project Sunrise

Project Sunrise and those Airbus A350s remain on the radar, it's just a matter of 'when'.

Qantas to mothball its flagship Airbus A380s until 2023

Alan Joyce says the mighty superjumbo is likely to stay grounded "for at least three years."

Qantas seeks $15bn savings in post-Covid recovery plan

The three-year 'rightsize, restructure and recapitalise' plan will see most of Qantas' internatio...

Qantas retires entire Boeing 747 fleet

If you never got to fly on the upper deck of the Qantas Boeing 747, you've missed your chance for...

Has Qantas found a faster, easier way to board a flight?

Starting from the last row of a domestic flight, "sequenced boarding" is both logical and hassle-...

Qantas, ACCC clash over refunds for cancelled flights

Qantas is extending the use-by date for travel credit, but the ACCC wants passengers to know they...