• Any news on what the plans are for VARA? Being sold?? In any event a single fleet of B737 not the right fleet for hot weather mining operations, and the F100’s to old and uneconomical. 

  • I think it is a great opportunity for Rex - low overheads, leased aircraft, no chain around their necks having aircraft parked up in the desert burning cash - all of the Rex metal will be working and earning revenue. Will appeal to those folk that can’t stand the QF arrogance, wage-theft an...

  • I do find it interesting that the risk of this business sat with its creditors. The old owners walk away, having lost their initial investment (fairly minor compared to the damage they caused), but yet the creditors, who had no influence on how the business was led or managed, carry the can. A w...

  • Do they still have money? I thought their cash is going to run out in the next week or two. With new owners not onboard until mid or late August.

  • Mrs Ardern is being pretty sensible. NSW and VIC first need to get COVID19 under control. Massive economic risk of undoing all NZ good work.

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