• Rex suspends all Boeing 737 flights

    Jul 23, 2021, 02:00 PM

    Rex reportedly pays around $60,000 a month per 738 aircraft. Currently halting operations would cost them $360k a month in leasing costs or $600k a month in leasing costs if the fleet expands to 10. They have quite a bit of capital to play with thanks to PAG so they will be fine.

  • I was concerned to see Rex charging for food and beverages in the lounge, however, that was concern was disregarded when I saw Rex wasn't charging for lounge entry. It could be interesting if Rex (or any airline) had a freemium business model applied to lounges, or even a two tier approach w...

  • As a shareholder in Rex, I'm really hoping they focus on their Rewards program as much as Qantas does

  • Rex to launch frequent flyer program

    Oct 01, 2020, 12:25 AM

    I think that REX has an excellent opportunity if they can create a FF program that can also onboard SMEs rather than just big brands. I would have loved to offer FF points to customers in my previous business (Retail IT) if they bought a computer or something like that. 

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