• That’s not really the governments choice.The flight caps have already left people stuck overseas and they are not going to get them.

  • Patrick,That really wasn’t my point, my point is the general public are lead to believe everyone is infectious who comes in from overseas. The government and media tend to shy away from the full picture.The other point is the flights will never stop coming in  and we currently have a c...

  • 1% of arrivals into nsw each week have the virus. They like to publish the hotel quarantine virus number so people think everyone is infected who arrives. 

  • They already have the control in place anyway with a cap on international arrivals.The outbound travel band is null and void with this cap, people won’t be taking holidays because of quarantine and the lack of flights in.The rich and famous already fly out at their own will anyway.If you ar...

  • NZ can travel outbound. They have 5000 people leaving a week.

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