• Picking the A330Neo makes sense with 1 to 1 size compare.The A350-900 is most probably too big to replace A330.787-8 and 787-9 most probably a good size match. Plus would remove a type for training.

  • With the schedule Aussie will see plenty of the larger cabin planes. As when the NA planes arrive into AKL in the morning they will go off and do an Aussie turn before doing the NA flight in the evening.

  • They said when they stopped it that it wouldn't be coming back.

  • And VA, QF, JQ have all tried to crack the NZ market and not had much success. On the main trunk you really need at least hourly service for business to consider you and also need to get into the regions to get the feeder traffic. And it seems there isn't enough business to make two airlines or a...

  • They are currently taking expressions of interest for a trial of non hotel isolation which was announced ages back.It is 17 and over and some countries only have vaccines approved 17 and over. Also very few non citizens u18 would be eligible for access as there is are not going meant the requirem...

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