• Virgin is a tired old brand from the 70's and 80's. Only benefit in keeping it is the savings from not having to repaint aircraft and reprint collateral and signage

  • Thanks for the feedback Patrickk but that is an altruistic view. No government department ever allocated a budget that was never fully spent and in the history of the world no government department managed to make a profit from an enterprise. But, alas we will never know because the true figures ...

  • What am I missing here? The Australian taxpayer is subsidising flights back to Australia for Australians who elected to travel overseas and/or remain overseas fully knowledgeable of the COVID pandemic well past all advice given months ago not to travel or if overseas to get home now?

  • The Virgin brand is a relic of the 80's - you'd ditch it (and it's royalty fees) in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the cost of rebranding livery, collateral etc

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