• I have just flown the A350 business class. I was underwhelmed by the comfort of the lie-flat bed and found it very claustrophobic. It must have been designed for Asians and not plus-sized Caucasians. I have found the beds on Virgin Australia, Garuda and Vietnam Airlines to give a much better sleep.

  • Call me old-fashioned but I grew up in an age where animals lived outside. I could perhaps cope with a cat in the cabin but the smell from a dog makes me gag. I have traveled with a seeing eye dog on the floor in row 1 domestically but I can see no reason for any other animals in the aircraft cab...

  • Executuve Traveller has repeatedly said that this website is not pro-QF. Therefore I continue to read in the hope there will be competing relevant to my areas of interest. Having flown across the Pacific more than 100 times in each direction, in all cabins, I have the experience to make comment.

  • The article might more appropriately have been headlined Qantas shifts to late evening departures to LAX from SYD & MEL. Frankly, I don't give a rat's for QF or their schedules.

  • What a load of old cobblers. The flights to the US have always involved an overnight component. It's just been moved earlier into the flight due the late evening departure. It could assist in better aircraft ultilisation as the airframe would do an immediate turnaround for the southbound flight.

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