• Having recently returned from HKG (15/07/17) I was very surprised to be told by immigration, that in the future I should use the HK residents line. I was told "it would be quicker for you in the future". As it was, the line I used was very quick anyway. Immigration/passport control are very effic...

  • Virgin's new booking fees

    Sep 02, 2016, 07:56 PM

    On the other hand, a business class ticket purchased/paid for before Sept 01/16 being total $4440.00, the charge (cc) was $30.00. After Sept 01/16 the charge will be $57.72. I suppose it will depend on where you decide to sit in the plane.  

  • I have this distict feeling that, after the tie up with Hong Kong based airline/s, that VA will cease to exist as a name in Australia. With SQ as a major stake holder we could see VA renamed to ????Air. Only a feeling ! 

  • I agree Donovan. I am VA Gold & every flight I take VA check-in always ask for photo ID. I pleased about that for security purposes et al. As for flexi-fares, somehow I believe I would stick with VA on this one !

  • Wessa, Regarding TSV, where would they put a VA lounge ? QF barely manages. cheers

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