• Terminal 1 is old and dated and doesn't have much in terms of F&B, but since the opening of T3, the crowds of flyers is way down making the terminal a much less hectic experience.

  • In what universe is 2-4-2 seating on the relatively narrow A350 ever "premium" anything?Weird how airlines configure their PE cabins...I recently flew PAL's new A350 frim BKK-MNL return in Economy, which is 2-3-2, while the PE was 2-4-2...what the heck.

  • Turkish pricing often isn't competitive with other carriers...at least Ex-Bangkok...and until these new planes are in service, the hard product hasn't been competitive either.

  • SQ resumes non-stop flights to LAX

    Jul 11, 2018, 11:14 PM

    Thanks for the feedback. I just wonder if they are enough of an upgrade for these new 17-19 hour flights.As there are only about 175 seats in these two-class planes, will the seat pitch in PE be bigger than in 3 or 4 class planes?

  • SQ resumes non-stop flights to LAX

    Jul 11, 2018, 10:30 PM

    But I've read mixed reviews of SQ's PE seating...with some saying it's little improvement over Economy. The same has been said about the food.Are these ER A350s fitted with these same seats...and in the 2-4-2 per row configuration? It would be a looooong haul to any of these destinations if this ...

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