• Not a fan- the current CX F product is very unique and still competitive in 2021. These 2 concepts are very lacklustre in terms of privacy. 

  • Wouldn't trust where my biological information is going to with the Hong Kong check... The HK govt purposefully chose a PRC based company to handle all the testing for some arbitrary reason. Doesn't that raise any eyebrows? 

  • While I agree with what you are saying I doubt the typical passenger would be able to differentiate which flights are operated by newer/more passenger friendly aircraft anyway.

  • It looks very upmarket but still has a very strong 'airport lounge' character to it. I think CX has done far better in terms of building a space that distances itself from this sentiment. Whether or not this is valuable or 'better' is debatable but I definitely buy the 'homey' feeling that CX has...

  • SilkAir adopts SQ branding

    May 22, 2018, 06:27 PM

    HKG is a very different market compared to SIN. The proportion of FSCs versus LCCs is far more skewed towards FSCs in HKG. LCC growth has been largely limited in HKG mainly due to slot constraints. SQ needs a LCC arm to compete with the likes of Air Asia, Lion, Malindo in the region. The competit...

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  • Originally Posted by David About a year ago we asked Cathay Pacific if it had plans to give The Arrivals lounge a much-needed make-over, but there were no firm plans at that stage.I'm given to believe that CX is aware of and concerned with crowding issues, especially for showers, but the problem...

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