• Great! If only this flight was all year round. then we would be able to see all four major players in the Australian aviation industry (QF, JQ, VA, TT) all fly to Bali. How exciting would that be!

  • But I believe the disadvantaged seats are right behind each 'thrones', they are doubles. This means there's no direct aisle access for everyone. 

  • Ok. So let me get this straight. Virgin will hand over some of its Bali flights to Tigerair.There is an advantage and a disadvantage at best. The advantage is that it will probably offer incredibly low fares Bali, competing against Jetstar. But the disadvantage is that the complimentary services ...

  • I very much agree with the fact that these seats are very uncomfortable. But I also believe that if the seating layout changes to 9 abreast, no annoying IFE boxes, and have plenty of legroom, even if it's not a skycouch product, it will still be an extremely competitive product in the industry

  • He does have a point. But everyone that is a member on this website are definitely interested in articles such as this. So please don't say that noboy cares about the article, especially if it is on one of the world's largest airline.

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