• Well after the debacle of the weekend I am much less inclined to trust QF,instead I would take BA World Traveller Plus all the way,I think BA16 is a 777 flight from SYD-SIN connecting to BA12 which is a 747 for the rest of the journey,some of the BA 74's are getting a little long in the tooth but...

  • That's a positive move from BA for QF silver status holders like myself,I haven't flown BA for a few years but this may make me consider them in the future.

  • Brisbane-Gladstone with Virgin

    Oct 18, 2011, 11:14 AM

    If John Borghetti really thinks that the ATR is "The best aircraft to operate on regional routes throughout Australia" I wish he would get rid of the Embraers and put the ATR's on routes like ABX-SYD,he could even put the money where his mouth is and start operating them on ABX-MEL and provide so...

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