• Bummer. Family of 5 booked in Jan 2019 OOL - CNS - HKG - YVR - YKA. I wonder what our options will be. Time to put Flight Centre on the job I guess.

  • Virgin clarifies seat selection fee

    Aug 11, 2016, 03:49 PM

    Census or Virgin.  Not sure which is the bigger fail right now... 

  • As a Velocity Platinum sitting in the lounge right now this disapoints the shit out of me.  Fly forward is a godsend.  Row 3 is great... take that away and what do I have left?

  • This actually works OK for me givein most of my travel is to NZ but the rise in the excess data is a bit on the cheeky side.  I use a knowroaming sim sticker when I travel anywhere else.

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