• Most informative, non-biased article I’ve seen on here for ages. Awesome job imho.

  • Great. Amazing (and rather ironic) these days how often any other airline EXCEPT Qantas come up as options when trying to use Qantas frequent flyer points to travel in business class. It's great that you get the variety and to sample travel in and often experience (but not always) superior produc...

  • More great options for Velocity in 2017... hope that it becomes bookable on line via the portal like EY, DL, SQ etc rather than having to phone up for VS, AZ etc. Don't think they need to be a member *alliance, scary team or 1world.

  • More business that QF (often called Air Sydney) are happy to hand to their competitors. Depends on pricing, of course -inbound & outbound may well be happy to go via PER or via SYD, but all have the choice and will just buy tickets with other carriers. 

  • Interesting 'enhancement' to the QFFF. They say that they haven't increased the number of points needed for 11 years. However, it's anyone's guess how many times they have increased the number and value of 'fees, levies, charges and taxes' in that time.interesting to hear too that the number...

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