• Having used the lounges a handful of times in the last year with complimentary passes, my overall impression is of catering that involves lukewarm butter chicken curry and make your own school canteen style toasties for food and help yourself booze stations stocked with five buck chuck of the sub...

  • What was your best upgrade?

    Jan 05, 2022, 03:45 PM

    I have been lucky enough to be upgraded to Biz twice as an economy passenger. First time travelling with my Mum as a teenager in the mid-90s on CX from HKG to ADL to MEL which gave me an early taste of the high life. Second time was late 90s on a QF flight from the old GMP to SYD. I was issued an...

  • Thanks for updating.

  • Am I missing something but does the article tell us how often this service will be offered on recommencement? Daily?

  • Any advice in their presser on how to obtain refunds for No. 1 Lounge passes purchased pre-Covid for use in Australian lounges?

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  • I flew QF56 from LAX to BNE last Friday and encountered one of the more bizarre crewing arrangements. The A330 used has no crew rest area, so once the flight had taken off, the Kiwi crew (because apparently Australian crews refuse to fly such routes on them) laid cushions down on some of the cent...

  • AirAsiaX Restructure - Credits Wiped

    Mar 26, 2021, 04:17 PM

    No doubt a few Australian travelers are affected by Air AsiaX's restructure. Notification below requests people that had credits with the airline which they begged people to take last year to submit a proof of debt. Credits in passenger accounts have been wiped making it difficult to locate said ...

  • Sim card - Europe

    Mar 27, 2018, 02:17 PM

    If you're starting in the UK Three Mobile pre-paid are hard to beat for value and you can use it across Europe, as well as many other popular destinations across the world.

  • Not to mention that Narita is surrounded by rice paddies about 80 kilometres from downtown Tokyo and takes a good 90 mins or so to get to via bus/train or $200 taxi.

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