• Thanks @johnaboxall. I was initially going to suggest that the 787s could replace more expensive old A330s on international routes, but if crew rest area is the issue then could they not be re-purposed to replace A330s on MEL-SYD or SYD-PER flights? it's not like they're continually cancelling fl...

  • Can anyone explain why Qantas are looking at taking 3 x 787s out of service?

  • Anyone had any experience of being rejected at an eGate due to falling within a certain profile? As a regular traveller to see family in the UK on an Australian passport and being under 40 I fall within the vague 'Aussie looking to work illegally' profile and am usually scrutinised fairly heavily...

  • Top duty-free shopping tips

    Mar 23, 2016, 02:23 PM

    Duty free bargains in an airport are an oxymoron. Coming to Oz, Only LAX, SIN and HKG are really worth buying spirits from and you can only get 50 cigarettes so the savings are minimal. As for perfumes and after shaves, you can buy major brands with duty included at chemists such as My Chemist in...

  • Sim card - Europe

    Mar 27, 2018, 02:17 PM

    If you're starting in the UK Three Mobile pre-paid are hard to beat for value and you can use it across Europe, as well as many other popular destinations across the world.

  • Not to mention that Narita is surrounded by rice paddies about 80 kilometres from downtown Tokyo and takes a good 90 mins or so to get to via bus/train or $200 taxi.