• Same here, terrible response to emails, no direct answers to questions raised. However, a reply in two hours on Messenger, refunds back in the bank within five days.

  • I suspect that the majority of these comments are written by people who have never contracted Covid19 and I wonder if they had, would it change their opinion? It all boils down to how much risk you are prepared to take in order to travel. I had a cruise booked on the Westerdam, it didn't sail...

  • So you're quite comfortable killing off the old people are you? Old age is coming to you...fast, see if you change your mind then!

  • I am holding return business class tickets Cape Town to Perth with SAA on the 5th April 20. SAA have cancelled all flights, but no refunds! Seeing as our cruise didn't sail I couldn't use the tickets anyway, but vouchers for a one way flight, with an airline which is on its knees, is not a good ...

  • Cunard QM2 cancelled our cruise from Fremantle with only 12hrs notice. No cruise to Cape Town! I have return Business Class tickets Cape Town to Perth on 5/4/20......What are my chances of a refund under the Covid 19./ do not travel warnings?

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  • What a lot of whiners you are. You can still live healthy lives, exercise, eat sensibly, wear a mask, sleep well and amuse yourselves whilst stopping the spread of the virus. If everyone did the right thing, restrictions could be relaxed and we could get back to a near normal. SA,WA and Tas hav...

  • Most of these businesses are slowly going broke, they can't afford to give freebies!

  • Can anyone advise if bags can be checked through to Cape Town from Perth....

  • Best Lie Flat Business Class seat

    Nov 09, 2018, 04:34 PM

    Qatar A380 was excellent plenty of room for your feet, nice comfy pj’s, a mattress overlay, and a doona.Boarded in Perth, ate lightly and woke up in Dubai.....no complaints. Same on the return journey too.

  • Bought some cubes in Ikea $4.95 use them all the time. So easy to find things when you load into hotel drawers, and back into the case when you move on. Plastic bags are disappearing quickly...time to get some packing cubes👍

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