• Have used this lounge, but had to queue to enter. It was so busy that we had to wait until two people exited the lounge before the next two could enter. There were at least twelve people in the queue. Facilities are great once you get in.

  • No! Recognition of our service personnel should be generous, willingly given, and provided by the Government on behalf of the Nation. I only served as a National Serviceman, but I have five members in my close family who are presently serving. None of them would welcome being singled out for r...

  • A380 Perth to Doha, food was delicious, service was top classand the flight overall could not be faulted

  • First look: AirNZ's Perth lounge

    Dec 06, 2017, 03:52 PM

    Looks great, will be better than SQ for people who prefer non-Asian cuisine, and the facilities are impressive.

  • On looking at the change in Zones, it is ridiculous to include Perth & WA in South Pacific Zone! We are so much closer to Singapore than Fiji ,New Zealand etc., and yet the points required will be the same....not happy!