• I believe this response is incorrect. Melbourne does NOT have an American Express lounge but lounges operated by other operators such as "Plaza Premium". These are not Amex affiliated lounges but you may get access if you have Priority Pass etc.

  • Hi, I have the Bose and they support both bluetooth and cable connection. I use the cable connection when connecting to IFE. If you trying to use Bluetooth on the IFE that is not possible - although I am told there are adaptors one can buy

  • Now the cat is out of the bag - that lane was brilliant !

  • Hi - Are you sure Plat charge card holders get an additional $400 credit? The Amex position has in the past been there is a one $300 credit and that is it !

  • Finally, an article for those of us who do not get to fly in the pointy end for work.  Thanks.  Can we have more of these please? 

  • My parents came through Changi last week and they said it was remarkably quiet from its usual.... the words they used were "near empty compared to normal Changi"

  • I am shocked by this ... I have flown long distance many times (as I assume have many of the readers of ET) - not many airlines let 10 hours go by without some water service - I just done a 3 hour flight and they did it twice.In ANYCASE, Qantas PE has a self-service area where you could have help...

  • Qantas rants

    Jun 25, 2019, 05:37 AM

    I think, Qantas (and Australian aviation) gets a bad rap too often. We seem to forget the quality (as compared to US domestic / Intra-Europe) and the world leading safety records but whinge on small things. So in the spirit of it - here are some good Qantas stories from my experiences.(1) Econo...

  • Hi Chris,I thought I would just give you a Solo traveller perspective - I noticed a lot of the responses are from parents.Firstly, you and your child have the right to be in the cabin as much as anyone else. Secondly, 95% of the time I have not had any concerns about a parent with a young child....

  • Quick advice on MEL-SYD flights

    Oct 12, 2017, 06:00 AM

    Hi, Firstly Welcome to Australia or alternatively hope you have a nice flight from the US to the Land down under.I recommend you do not take Jetstar even if cost is an issue. Jetstar flies into Avalon Airport in Melbourne which is about 60 kms from the city. On the other hand Virgin, Qantas fly...