• Have you flown Air Canada's 787? Same seat as Virgin but much better! Proper electronic remote (not like the crappy virgin plastic one)- a tray table that actually folds away so you can sleep and a huge pillow. Plus the 787 has much nicer lavatories and windows...For me that is the product to bea...

  • Agree to a point but it goes against the logic of rewarding your "loyal" frequent flyers. When the loyality is disgegarded with sneaky adjustments such as this it serves the purpose of driving that loyality elsewhere. 

  • Awesome, except that if you use them mostly on a plane like I do, you still need the cable so what have you gained by buying the new pair?... **Coming Soon; Bluetooth IFE for firstclass** ;)

  • Cathay Pacific new A350 biz seat

    May 30, 2016, 11:16 PM

    Looks almost exactly like the uncompetitive A330 product. I still cannot believe their soft product features food served in economy style food containers that comes off the trolly - rather than table service. Having just flown the CX Business product twice; I think they have a little way to go to...

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