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    Jul 26, 2019, 06:07 PM

    Main meal humdrum??….try Qantas Business Class...it's beyond humdrummmm!!

  • I had similar with HK/ Syd Dinner advertised Chinese Roast Duck - what came out looked and tasted like something they dragged out from bottom of deep fryer somewhere!! Took stewards suggestions of Fish instead - came out smelling of Ammonia!! Really one wonders how Neil Perry got this Gig still!!...

  • ummm been there several times in Business Lounge really not sure what the fuss is about as the breakfast is really so so and when there yesterday found the sausages inedible !! and the coffee wasn't the best I've tasted...the Sydney's coffee is better!!

  • Gr8 article. Thanks David... as I've been on one of those dreaded 222 config coming back from HK last month and to add insult to injury had the worse meal ever had to sent back twice and finally did without!! ….I think apart from the seating Qantas should also look into their quality of c...

  • yes they are notorious for that I'm a Gold Asia Miles member and I've been denied upgrade even there were empty seats it's infuriating ...and they are more expensive then Qantas!! I've flown with them for nearly 20 yrs and now I'm walking away!! anyway they seem to be going down the gurgeller ......

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  • Status Match with Air New Zealand??

    May 05, 2021, 06:26 PM

    A few weeks ago there was this article about Air NZ matching with Qantas and I submitted all my Qantas Platinum Flyer details and so far not a whisper from Air NZ ...!!??!! Would anyone out there know or got some sort of response as that's not a good start to matching is it!!AA

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