• To be fair, NZ travellers visiting other countries should also have to pay a similar amount in that country. Why should the locals have to fund everything and the kiwis use it for free?

  • I'd be happy to sit in the onboard bar/lounge area or even a jumpseat for the takeoff and landing ;)

  • Cathay Pacific's best Diamond perk?

    Jul 10, 2019, 05:14 PM

    That would make sense because the one guy was busy like hell and the other one bored but did not really offer to help...

  • Cathay Pacific's best Diamond perk?

    Jul 10, 2019, 04:23 PM

    It's not the crew lane, but as stated on the pass the Courtesy Channel. Recently quite clogged too on busy days, with elderly passengers also eligible for using this channel. The true crew lane is right next to the courtesy channel and cannot be used even when it is empty (no crew lining up) and ...

  • On which route is this the case? I flew Cathay to Australia, NZ, South Africa, Europe, Dubai, East and West Coast in the US in both directions and never is second meal served 6-8 hours to go. One meal after take-off and second one before landing (max 2-3 hours to touchdown)

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