• Also called "marketing"

  • If you're smart you'll turn off the automatic transfer. Wait for the "sign up for automatic transfer and receive a bonus" promotion, use it once, then turn it off again until the next one! Yes this works.

  • You should do a roundup of the best low and zero fee cards (including when fees are waived after a qualifying spend). HSBC, Amex Essential, Velocity & Qantas prepaid, come to mind for a start.

  • Can science beat jetlag?

    Feb 08, 2018, 02:21 AM

    Never had jetlag. Tired, yes, but not jetlag. I always ensure I sleep at least half the trip (to Europe) via a combination of naps on both legs, but with emphasis on the night time for my destination. I usually aim to arrive in the morning, which also helps with the adjustment. And I never, ever,...

  • High-speed rail now rivals air travel

    Jan 16, 2018, 12:16 AM

    Yet we have the 2nd busiest flight corridor on the planet, SYD-MEL.. Of course it can be done, and would be feasible if it included CBR. But the kiwis will have one before us.

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