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    Jul 07, 2019, 06:26 PM

    Overnight and into Haneda would be a distinct plus for business travel. My experience (albeit in the reverse direction) was very disappointing, far short of the comfort and service on my last trip to/from Japan, on JAL in PE but that does mean Narita and the loss of a day each way, which suited m...

  • Business availability using Aeroplan air miles never showed anything on a maple leaf tail from Australia to Nth America whenever I tried - always United or ANA. Perhaps as an upgrade mechanism there may have been some though.

  • Could do with passengers borrowing leg space of aisle people, but in dense layout that doesn't work, though the comment was more about people milling around the lavatory areas and spreading out in aisles.

  • Very much so. It is not just passengers but also the cabin crew impacted by densification. Crew have lost space in which to work and manoeuvre their trolleys and get past passengers in the aisles, they have to serve more people and quite often their complement is reduced by one. With one's workpl...

  • Seatguru concurs re the front of United style 'economy extra', so you made a poor choice there, and anyway it is not the class I mentioned and the point wasn't about legroom anyway but the seat width down the back instead, where the wider A350 vis a vis the B787 allows a tad wider seat width, and...

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  • Airbus A350 vs Boeing 787 Dreamliner

    Feb 23, 2018, 12:24 PM

    The flight crew experience probably reflects a more general Airbus v Boeing thing. It could be just a familiarity thing or maybe, as a flight attendant commented to me, that Airbus galleys are like French cars, i.e. a tad idiosyncratic.

  • "I wonder if the Boeing 787 will also end up doing some SYD-AKL runs?"It would be OK in economy on a flight of that distance.

  • Qantas Perth - London

    Dec 11, 2016, 07:45 PM

    The new.com.au site introduced the story as "THIS record-breaking flight is expected to take off from Perth next week.", jumping the gun a tad referreing to the announcement and then continued "And at 17.5 hours non-stop, it’s only for the brave" ...

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