• I see LAX > SYD flights becoming available on March 25. I picked up a couple of J award tickets flying out on March 28. I hope they don't get cancelled, but I'm not totally convinced that we'll have things under control in the US before then.

  • I think an arrival lounge would be a great benefit - when I fly from LAX (or DFW) to Sydney, I usually have a few hours to kill before my connecting flight to MCY (where my parents live), and I wish there was lounge access available for that wait (I don't have status which would allow me to use a...

  • I just reserved 4A for my next flight SYD > DFW for the extra windows, and being on the more "private" left side of the plane. Thanks, Chris!

  • I'm bummed that the "ALL DAY DINING" doesn't start until 12 noon. My first time visiting this lounge will be in July. My flight (QF7) leaves at 12:30pm, which doesn't really give me time to enjoy the all-day dining. Do they serve the pavlova for breakfast?

  • I just booked this location for 3 nights in July. I love to stay at the Park Hyatt, but I'll have to see how the budget looks closer to my trip...At least with this location, I suspect I'll be able to take advantage of a DSU (unlike the Park Hyatt.

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