• "These passes will be automatically allocated to your Velocity account within 10 business days of making a direct spend at Virgin Australia."Is this referring to flights or anything from the Velocity E-Store?

  • First look: AirNZ's Perth lounge

    Dec 06, 2017, 10:53 PM

    If you simply have a business class ticket on an SQ flight, will you be able to use this new lounge?

  • Doesn't the Amex Explorer convert to velocity/krisflyer on a 1:1 basis? it appears only emirates converts on the 4:3 basis, or am i misreading the information?

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  • Originally Posted by Sibelius There’s a third option: are all airlines’ prices inflated at that time of year because of the school holidays? Have you checked whether other airlines’ prices are higher as well for those same dates, or is it just Qantas? good point, but not just s...

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