• I have flights booked on virgin to LA over Christmas - I wonder if the route will still be in operation?The dreadful availability of premium award availability to LA sure make using points tough.

  • That green truly is awful!! The Brisbane lounge and even Adelaide look much better.

  • "Virgin Australia hopes to begin Airbus A330 flights to a second destination in Asia – most likely Hong Kong or on the Chinese mainland – by this time next year." - Hong Kong wouldn't be a second asian destinstion but a second route if flown to from Brisbane for example as your head...

  • I often wondered if it is because people are not so willing to put sweaty clothes into their bags and then fly around the world with the sweaty clothes trapped in their bag or have the time. I guess you can get the clothes laundered at your destination immediately.

  • When we say people are sleeping in undies what are we talking here - Boxer shorts or briefs/boxer briefs? I wouldn't have thought people would do the latter but perhaps I've been oblivious and have been missing out on a cooler, comfortable sleep.

  • Etihad first class seat selection

    Feb 16, 2017, 04:51 PM

    Originally Posted by obanpointer : what's available on expertflyer? Thanks for prompting me to check on there. It seems 4 seats are blocked out for whatever reason. 

  • Etihad first class seat selection

    Feb 16, 2017, 01:12 PM

    I'm booked to travel on etihad first class a380 out of sydney but the seat availability is rather strange to me. I booked this seat as a reward. I notice when managing my booking that two seats remain in the cabin that are forward facing but when I try to select them myself the process ends in an...