• The situation at MEL just beggars belief. It is difficult to comprehend how things have been permitted to get this bad. A major airport in a wealthy country in soon to be the country's largest city which, as a piece of infrastructure, supports a vast array of revenue generating and highly profita...

  • I am Manila based for almost 10 years. I do roughly 150-200k miles per year throughout Asia/Australasia mostly in J and PEY. Don't get me wrong I would love to see PAL do well but the number of miles I usually do annually on PAL = 0. Why? Lounge issues aside: it is expensive relative to far bette...

  • Perhaps a statement of the obvious but for me a lot depends on the sector length. For sectors of up to 3 hours I actually find it pretty good and you sure notice how generous the seat size is when you step on the short-haul "business" offerings of many other Airlines. The seat feels particularly ...

  • Cathay Pacific's best Diamond perk?

    Jul 10, 2019, 11:17 PM

    Yes, sometimes the crew lane. A nice perk indeed but I wouldn't say its anywhere near the best. I would rate the fantastic onboard service given to DMs and priority access to award inventory, among others as the best perks.

  • Plus operating commonality with the 330 and the fact that the 350 is fundamentally the best product on the market right now.

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  • The Pier F food and service has improved considerably after an initial difficult period following Sodexo's takeover. It is IMO by far and away currently the best lounge offering I can think of anywhere.

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