• Toshiba exits the laptop business

    Sep 02, 2020, 03:30 PM

    My first laptop was a Tosh T1910CS. Passive colour LCD that you could not read in any sunlight at all. 486SX 33Mhz processor (the low end version of the 486DX), 4MB of RAM, 120MB hard drive, clip on trackball mouse, Windows 3.1. Cost was obscene. You would earn lots of respect in the Flight Deck ...

  • I think that I will be like many others. Anniversary date 31st August. 760 status credits earned before being grounded in February. Unlikely to get the remaining 440 before the end of August and fully accepting that I would be heading back to Gold. Thanks Qantas for this nice gesture. I feel for ...

  • With prices of "20 to 30 per cent" higher compared to fares on the same route with a stopover! Qantas are already expensive so for the sake of a couple of extra hours I think that I would probably take a lower cost carrier as I do most of the time now and put up with the stopover.

  • Qantas launches Lifetime Platinum

    Jun 20, 2019, 11:37 AM

    Based on the price of a QF9/10 return in August you would be looking at a $1.5m to get to LTP. I would hope that the 'unpublished benefits' extend beyond a golf club membership, the odd bottle of vino and an iPad case. I have been in the system for 29 years and am a third of the way to LTP, so ju...

  • 2020? Get serious. This is up there with below deck sleeping bunks. Come in spinner!

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  • I always take my luggage to the Melbourne domestic check-in counter where there is a premium lane. Eliminates the risk of the luggage not being transferred to International in Sydney as they tag for the transfer, ask the security questions etc. I have never been held up here for more than a coupl...

  • Singapore Airport Hotel

    Nov 07, 2019, 03:12 AM

    Crowne Plaza for me and I would collect my luggage.

  • I have done Malaysia Airlines Melbourne to KL to Chennai on 2 tickets, luggage checked through with no problems. Then Chennai to KL on Malaysia Airlines then onto Heathrow with BA again luggage checked through all the way on 2 different tickets with no problems. Just need to show the E Tickets an...

  • I have to agree with other contributors. I don't really like the new format. Very few new articles, content all over the place, articles with very little interest for me. Has become overly commercial. Previously this was a site I would visit every day. Now I can't really be bothered!

  • Nothing wrong with Business Class on Cathay out of Seoul Incheon to Hong Kong. Just dont expect too much of a lounge experience leaving Seoul.

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