• Basically unless you have sat in the original which is not too dissimilar from the one above it’s hard to explain how bad this seating position is

  • Honestly, have a look at that rediculous angled lying position "across" the seat! As I have said before I will "never" fly long haul again with SQ (and I am Gold) as I am still getting over my Adelaide to London return with this truly bizarre, uncomfortable and quite frankly stupid seating/lying...

  • I hear you Rod H! My neck and back still hurt from sitting at an angle and looking at the screen. Bizarre !!

  • I flew a version of this seat to London and back recently at it has to be the most terrible lying position in the history of aviation. Several people complained on the flights as well. I am gold with Singapore but refuse to fly long haul in this seat. Serious mistake Singapore Airlines.

  • VA Business Class Service

    Jul 24, 2020, 04:52 PM

    Flew business Adel - Coolangatta return this week and a little disappointed that I was offered a tub of Pringle's or a Kit Kat !!! Long time Platinum and really hope they get back on track with this however it was great to be back in the saddle again so ill wait and see before passing judgment ju...