• Ok... They'd be better off having an Xbox One with Kinect. Much cooler range of actions that people can be more "active" in when playing. It's a dumb idea to begin with. Turbulence can still pop up, people would monopolize the time if they can, or people would have too short a time (unless it...

  • A bit disappointing they use iMacs as "work" stations. Never liked the Mac keyboard at all, and don't want to deal with a virtual machine or figuring out whatever configuration they're using for Windows (and questionably what version of Windows). It's likely I'll just tug along my Surface Pro 2 ...

  • Photos: Fiji Airways' new uniform

    Jul 11, 2013, 11:07 PM

    Nice look. Very good color choices, design and very distinctive as well. It can be very tricky to blend old with the new and I think they did a great job, and matches there airline's design theme very well. Little things like the way an airline looks helps boost satisfaction and comfort on a flight.

  • SYD having a Windows Phone app would also be handy too. But I guess the mobile site is good enough now. Thanks for posting this.

  • Pretty slick looking app. You should have embedded Emirates YouTube video on this app.

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