• Yes, the Green party has lost some big cases in resent times, the opening of the new open cut coal mines Germany and the destruction of the new growth forests (from after the war) is a big case in point.

  • They are the Government department for roads not an enviro lobby.

  • We have 80kmh on our freeways because bureaucrats in Vic roads have a mantra to cause as much mayhem as they can get away with under the safety rules. They take out turning lanes and turning areas in divided roads and make you go to the next lights and set them up that it takes 3 changes of ligh...

  • I was there on the 4th of October, Worst lounge I have been in, includes domestic here.No edible food other than bits of stuff with reindeer mixed up with curd. Flies all over the dried bread and no snacks or mixed meats to make a roll. Good points, great cider and not many people, with no one el...

  • Not a clue what makes up a 5 star except they take basic stuff and rename to make it sound posher, being a meat eater, not really that much there to appeal to me, Not much on board to eat either.

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  • Qantas Dreamliner to Perth

    Dec 10, 2021, 01:18 PM

    I have just booked a J flight overnight back to Melbourne in the 330 using points from Finnair for late May. Does anyone know if they are still using the A330 from Per to Mel? The computer says they have 3 flights out of Per using the A330.Thanks

  • Yes we did and yes we are, but we have immunosuppressed people that we are carers for and so could take the virus with us but not having an effect on us. It still brings this into our communities, do they have process to mitigate the possibility?

  • In the same theme as the reopening?American flight are I believe open to all people including the unvaccinated, so what is to stop the virus being carried by vaccinated people from say a NY to LA flight with a connection to Auckland then Melbourne, we Aussies and Kiwis need to be double dipped to...

  • Originally Posted by kimshep Gee … twelve (12) '-1' ratings on posts in this thread. Do we have a budding 'Pyjama Nazi' in hiding? :-) Hehehehehehe,193cm and 120k and the business PJs in Qantas fit fine.

  • Qantas or Virgin Travel Cash Cards

    Feb 23, 2019, 12:49 PM

    I use the prepaid Qantas card when travelling and have found that if I put my money in when it is advantageous throughout the year I get a better deal and it is also not connected to any other financial product of mine so if it is hacked or whatever no one has access to me.. I have seen it that p...

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