• Qantas moves to digital lounge passes

    Jun 13, 2018, 11:33 PM

    I am a lifetime Silver and have been trying to link my complimentary pass to one of my upcoming flights with no success. Clicking on the Link Invitation results in an endlessly spinning circle. (Yes I have tried different browser, different computer, different OS etc). Contacting Qantas customer ...

  • Much welcome and long overdue! Now please put some effort into the iPhone app (should be lots cheaper then a new terminal)

  • Thanks for your reply Chris, my interest is actually directed more specifically towards Hainan flights to Tel Aviv since it is possibly my only option to get an award ticket to Israel using my Velocity points. So if indeed I am able to use those points to book the Hainan PEK-TLV leg I will be ver...

  • I am interested if it would be possible to use Velocity points to book a Hainan flight to Eur

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