• I flew from Syd to Mel earlier this week and my bag wasn’t loaded in Sydney. On arrival I was able to see that the bag was still in Sydney and go straight to the luggage services desk where they promised that it would make it on a later flight and would be couriered to me.  Four hours ...

  • Can you visit the enrolment centre in T3 after you have cleared departure immigration on the second visit or do you have to make the application after entering for the third time?

  • I hold both an Australian and a UK passport. I entered and departed Singapore last year on my UK passport and will be entering and leaving Singapore two times this year when I will use my Australian passport. I am trying to work out when I might be eligible to apply for eIACS. Will the entry on...

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  • Hong Kong Lounge Choice

    Apr 18, 2018, 08:20 PM

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with oz bubbles, often better than the french ones!

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