• Hi Chris, what are the showers like and how many are there? This has never been one of Swiss's strong points. Last time I flew through Zurich, admittedly a lounge was being rebuilt, but the one I went to had no shower, I was sent to another which involved going through passport control twice,...

  • What foam or silicone earplugs do you find best for blocking background noise?

  • Five showers will be a very welcome improvement on their previous miserable number. Being fourth in line to use the only shower when you have a tight connection is no fun, which was my last experience in a Swiss lounge in Zurich - abandoned pre-shower.

  • I've flown in Swiss's throne seats a number of times, and find that unless you get one of the front ones with a bit more length, the space to get out into the aisle is small and a bit difficult if you're a bit stiff! And a bit coffin-like to sleep in. I actually prefer a seat with a bigger ope...

  • Somewhere convenient, ie that doesn't require me to move from my seat, to put my handbag! So few planes I have flown in think of this. And individual temperature control so I don't roast on an overnight flight. I always carry a large,very light wool wrap to use as a blanket instead of stif...

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  • Qantas fee waiver?

    Feb 03, 2021, 05:00 PM

    I am holding a credit for a Red-e ticket. Has Qantas waived fee changes or do I expect to pay the $99 fee when I use the credit? Virgin appears to have waived fees on changed flights but the Qantas website is less clear.

  • Zurich Hotels

    Jun 12, 2019, 03:51 PM

    If you need the airport for an early flight, I can recommend the Welcome Inn at Kloten, near the airport. Good room, decent size, shuttle bus to the airport, and very reasonably priced. I think there's public transport into the city nearby.

  • If you're looking for a highly efficient European airport hub, consider SWISS from Hong Kong or Singapore to Zurich, an overnight flight about 12 hours. Leaves late evening each way. SWISS have a nicely priced business class and a very decent product. Then Qantas from and back to Australia ...

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